Conversations with Mona Lisa

Thomas Sanfiip

ISBN 978-0-991114-62-7

148 pages

Trade Hardcover

Price: $19.95

April, 2020

In Conversations with Mona Lisa Thomas Sanfilip melds poetry, philosophy and art into a unique literary work of brilliant prose often breathtaking in its beauty and aplomb, touching all three in a way that defies description. Sanfilip’s spiritual focal point is the Mona Lisa as the conduit through which the future of art, literature, poetry and culture is assessed with unerring perspective, at the same time, plunging into the very heart of cultural decay with uncompromising poetic courage. He reasserts the supremacy of poetic consciousness in the light of art and poetry’s end as cultural forces, challenging all those who refuse to recognize the spiral of death inundating the modern world in all its various forms. Philosophy and poetic prose, fragmented dreams and incomplete narratives shape Sanfilip’s distinctive work of philosophy and literature that moves the reader into the realm of pure symbolism laced with the poet’s intimate encounters with his own inner and outer world. As such, Conversations with Mona Lisa is not merely a collection of poetic prose and moribund insights, but a poet’s courageous attempt to refind a path back to the mythic voice of the psyche and its true sibylline roots.

Denise Ryan, author of “Of Silken Waters”

Conversations with Mona Lisa is a trinity of mind, body and the thing that brings them together—art—the blueprint of our consciousness. Short aphorisms have tightly meshed into a visible consciousness, the reader somehow transported into the world of artistic expansion, like twilight, neither night nor day. The language is classical, full of beauty and drama. Beautiful prose poems balance the weight of philosophical thinking, giving the reader time to breathe, like mirrors into the mind of the writer. Cleansing and spiritual, Sanfilip’s intellect burns bright throughout, but in his prose poems the human side of the man shines in the darkness. Where does this book sit? In the poetry section, among the great philosophers, the art section? The beauty is it belongs among all three.