About Us

Ara Pacis is a literary publisher interested in aligning print-on-demand technology with traditional publishing goals. We are committed to keeping our authors’ works in print in order to provide long-term availability necessary to establish their presence on an ever-shifting literary landscape.

Ara Pacis also believes itself a counterbalance to the plethora of narrow and conflicting literary perspectives that constitutes the playing field of contemporary letters. We think too many widely divergent attitudes toward literature today prevent the publication of progressive works of literature and contemporary thought. Thus, we consider ourselves a publishing company working outside the standard literary mindset.

As such, we see Ara Pacis as a platform from which the experienced writer can launch a long-term literary vision, as well as a welcoming venue for new writers who have found their voice. The writers we publish, in fact, form the crux of our editorial department, providing feedback and reaction to new works offered for publication. Our ultimate goal is to publish manuscripts that are unique and radical, interesting and qualitatively worth bringing to print.

We also feel it is important to bring to public attention out-of-print titles worth republishing for their quality and value, as well as compiling new works and anthologies suitable for academic study that will enhance college and university literature courses.