Thomas Sanfilip


Thomas Sanfilip is a poet and writer whose work has appeared in such literary publications as the Shore Poetry Anthology, Thalassa, Ivory Tower, Nit & Wit, Tomorrow, Ginosko Literary Journal, Maudlin House, Feile-Festa, Per Contra, Brilliant Flash Fiction, Foliate Oak, Thrice Fiction, Vestal Review, Imperfect Fiction, Gone Lawn and Literally Stories. Five collections of poetry have been published — By the Hours and the Years (Branden Press, 1974), Myth/A Poem (Iliad Press, 2002), The Art of Anguish (2004), Last Poems (2007), Figures of the Muse (2012), in addition to a collection of short fiction, The Killing Sun (2006), Poetry in the Age of Impurity (2013), a collection of published and unpublished essays, and Conversations with Mona Lisa (2020), a work of philosophy, poetry and art, both published by Bigio Morato. Presently he lives in the Chicago area and has written for a variety of other publications, including Rattle, The Literary Yard, Independent Publisher, Book Page, Rain Taxi, Letter Ex, Filmfax, Film Quarterly, Film Score Monthly, the Journal of Popular Film and Television, and the Walt Whitman Encyclopedia.

Conversations with Mona Lisa


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