The Sunlit Clearing

Bruce Adams

ISBN 978-0-98212-7-7-97

160 pages

Paperback—Fiction, short stories

Price: $16.95

March 2015

Ford Russell said, “Literature is the imaginary conservation ground of the human being.” The idea that there is a protected place where the soul of humanity resides yields another truth: that we have a natural capacity for a rich inner life – the God- given instinct to seek, recognize and value what helps to put us in touch with who we are. In his sixth book of stories, Bruce Adam offers more than a hundred short works, individually cogent, yet interconnecting in illuminating, poetic ways. Writ- ten in deceptive simplicity, replete with nuances and charm, these complex vignettes probe the subtle mysteries of being alive. The Sunlit Clearing is an opening of mind that calls us within its shadowy enclave to find the light within ourselves.